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Seriously Organized Is One Of The Most Successful Companies In Minnesota

October 16, 2015
It is easy for a mess to get out of hand if you do not pay close attention to it. Many people have trouble with storage rooms, garages, or even bedrooms getting too messy. While some can handle the mess themselves, others do not have the time, the patience, or the ability. This is when people turn to professional organizers like those at Seriously Organized.

Seriously Organized is the most successful professional organizing company in Minnesota. It is a company with a track record of success due to their commitment to excellence. Seriously Organized was founded by Nikki Havens, who is a professional organizer and has represented her trade in the media on many occasions. Nikki Haven had previously worked as a social worker and her experience in that role helped her to become a better professional organizer. In 2006, Nikki Havens founded Seriously Organized and the company has only grown since that time. Nikki Havens is proud of her role in helping companies and families to get more organized. Seriously Organized can handle virtually any mess and can organize any space. Havens and her team have experience with virtually any kind of space imaginable, from offices and living-rooms to basements and garages.
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